Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fun stupid movies

A few days ago I had a blast from the past.

The 80's poduced a movie that was both silly and fun. It had a low budget and bad cinematography. But it also had funny moments and a sense of imagination.
It even had John Lithgow and Christopher Lloyd...

It was called Buckaroo Banzai.

I actually luved this movie. Not because it was good. But because it was bad. Don't get me wrong, it did have some redeeming factors:
Some of the women were yummy looking
Some of the men were yummy looking (which is rare)
Some of the alien artifacts looked kinda cool
The story was ambitious
And the ending theme song was light hearted and catchy !

Now, here'z the reason I'm posting this blog article-

I want Hollywood to remake this dinosaur with a big budget and unknown talent. I want a decent director and loyalty to the original intent (meaning fun and stupid, not dark and dreary like most movies are nowadays) !

What about the rest of you ? What bad movie would you like to see remade into an impressive offering of hard work and brilliance ?

I know there'z a turkey (!) of a movie lurking in the backs of all your minds...
Cough 'em up and leave a comment or two!



At 3:36 AM, Anonymous janey said...

Mars Wants Women, now that movie had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Not The Blob - that movie is perfect as is.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger steve said...

I think I've heard of that one Janey. But wasn't it called 'Mars Needs Women' ? Ya gotta luv those old sexist bombs from the past...maybe luv is too strong of a term...

The Blob. Great movie ! Both versions !
Which one are you leaning toward ?


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