Sunday, July 03, 2005


Just some random thoughts here.
Deep impact is supposed to happen tonight. This is a NASA project launched sometime in January this year. It's a refrigerator sized probe that will launch a projectile that will impact with a comet, thereby exposing what's under the comets' surface. I luv this Star Trek type stuff ! I'm excited ! The collision should happen somewhere around 2 AM July four (tonight). Watch the skies !

On Wednesday I went grocery shopping but when I tried to start the car to go back home, my electrical system was dead. I thought it was a dead battery, so I got a jump from a friendly passerby. But nothing happened when the jumper cables were hooked up. So I called the free towing service and the towtruck operator showed up, he looked at the battery, tightened the bolts on it, and told me to start the car. Vrrrrrrrrrrroooooommmmmm !!!!! It was just loose bolts ! He told me that he's been getting a lotta calls that ended up like this. I've never heard of this before, but I guess the heat (over 90 degrees in the shade)and engine vibration can cause funny things to happen to yer vehicle.

Have you ever noticed that the major new networks always report fluff and nonsense 75 percent of the time, like obsessing about Micheal Jackson and Paris Hilton, but only report about foreign stories when there is a direct link to America (such as money-Iraqi oil, and vacations-Indonesia). But I know that there are about one dozen civil wars going on in Africa where tens of thousands of women and children are being raped and enslaved and tens of thousands of men are being slaughtered. I know that NPR reports this stuff, but where is FOX and CNN and MSNBC on this horror ? Oh, that's right. They are obsessing about American celebrity and politics. Some of the politics I can understand, but not when it degenerates into screaming heads sitting at a table when there are cooler heads who are getting ZERO tv time.

Whatever happened to 'The Airtight Garage' movie that was based on Jean Giraud's heavy metal stories ? Some European animation company was supposed to be working on it, but it's been years. And when will the 'Elfquest' movie get finished and see the light of day ? I've been waiting for Wendy Pini's masterpiece to make it to the big screen since 1988 !

I'll shut up now, that's enough news to keep ya Googling for a while...


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Anonymous said...

When is 2 AM July four in Australia Steve? It's 1.55pm here right now.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Anonymous said...

There is a great art exhibition you might want to be involved in Steve ... they are looking for 100,00 images - go to for details on Globalizing Resistence to the War in Iraq. :)

At 9:30 PM, Blogger steve said...

Sorry, Anonymous. I don't have a conversion chart for your chronology. You'll have to check local news shows for better info.

Thanx for th' Iraq link, I'll check it out...

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous janey said...

So, were you up at 2am this morning?

Yeah, I've noticed the new coverage and it's called marketing. Most people want all that celebrity stuff - someone is buying all those trash mags even if they don't admit it. And I do admit to watching the "E" show but but it would be nice to hear some real world news. I watch the BBC news on PBS for that.

And I actually know who Giraud is and a very interesting history too. Wendy Pini I googled though.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger steve said...

Nice to know that you are a Moebius fan, Janey ! I find myself watching CNN World News more than ever. I'm a night owl, so 2 AM is normal for me.
What did you think of Wendy Pini, by the way...


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