Monday, March 21, 2005

Comments for EVERYONE ! :-)

OK, time for me to apologize. This was all my fault. When I started this blog I was swinging my arms around in the dark, hoping I was doing everything right.
OOPS ! That didn't happen.
It seems that James Mathias pointed out something to me that was really important. I had accidently clicked 'blogger members only' in the comments section of my settings. I just fixed that so now James can tell me directly what a bone-head I am. Everyone and anyone can now post comments. It's easy, even lurkers can do it now ! I'm sorry to any visitors who stopped by, saw or read something, and wanted to vent only to find that I screwed up your chance to be 'one of us' 'one of us' 'gooble gobble' 'one of us' (obscure reference). :-/


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