Friday, March 18, 2005

K's Diseased Wits

This posting will the first (sorta) that addresses the links over on the side of this blog. K's Diseased Wits belongs to my friend Kevin. I've known Kev for over 17 years and like me, he also hasn't aged since high school. He is a versatile freelance artist who works in multimedia ( websites, vector, photoshop, photography, sketching, and various other skills ) and is a pretty cool person all around. His work is top notch and he has done work for some fairly large names in the advertising world. We've worked together both professionally and just for laughs.
He owns a cat and knows martial arts. I've seen him push his car off to the side of the road when the clutch burned out ( to get out of traffic ). I've never seen him wear a hat. And he owns a cool Gall Force poster (framed).
The only thing I will say now is that if he could be anything he really wanted, it would be a vampire. ( Anne Rice fan) At least for a week, I think he would miss eating junk food. :-)