Monday, April 11, 2005

Janey's Postcard 2 Me !

Hey, check out these groovy postcards that Janey mailed to me ! Aren't they uber cool ! I'll show the other one in just a sec. If you want to get one for yourself, just click on the link I made in this post, and it will take you to JaneysJourney. Scan her blog, drop her a line, make a comment or two on some of her snazzy art, and tell her PoisonPencil sent ya.
I said do it, now move it !


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Janey said...

I've been so busy with my new blog and updating my site I totally neglected to visit. Thank you so much for posting these. It's funny I think I'm looking at someone else's work when I look at it someone else's site.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger steve said...

Eat it up, baby. Eat it up. We all want and need some kudo's now an' then !


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